The systems among us are in constant judgement of the way we look, how we care for ourselves and our interaction with each other. So of course, our default mode is in judgement of one another, for that is what we know.

It is easy to look at the outer world and say, "because of this, I'm this way", and of course, while truth lies in this statement, we all have choices to take the steps necessary to change. This process of change can be painful, it causes us to look at everything we thought to be true and walk forward in our own truth. This is the mental health challenge, that becomes our cross to bare. Although not external alone, we feel alone because it is our own internal battle.

I remember the day, I recognized 'Me' for who I was. I thought there was something wrong with me. When I tried to reach out for support…the first agency I called was ready to commitment me. I simply needed a place where I could understand myself, manage and take the edge off.

That was when I realized I needed to understand myself, no-one knew me the way I knew me. So the journey began- I listened to podcast, read, and shut out the unnecessary noise of the world (stopping the external programming). I was living in someone else's idea of normal and I had to create my own, what was right for me and then reemerge, only now taking ideas that made sense (my own understanding) and that was in alignment with my wholeness journey back to me. The meant I had to be enough. That I lack nothing. I myself was abundance.

Releasing myself of thoughts that were not serving me, as well as those thoughts that did not serve others in right connection with me. This is and has been an everyday commitment. This is the journey. The footprint left behind the other -not as a repeat, but a reminder not to get lost in the pattern. Reminding me of the memory of my history and mapping my future.


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