People Before Profits?

People Before Profits?

Posted on October 13th, 2021

In this period of transformation, there is a clear divide between people’s health and people’s profits. Businesses have become more regulated with their finances, holding onto every little bit they can at the expense of the consumer. All the while, consumers are simply trying to regain their worth and take care of their wellbeing.

We are starting to see industries like the hospitality industry not hospitable at all but strict and regulatory. Suppressing people’s power. People are responding either negatively in upheaval or peacefully by using different avenues for change and justice.

Businesses like VRBO (an online vacation rental marketplace) were very accommodating at the start of the world health crisis. Offering customers refunds and allowing people to cancel with no penalties. However the longer we have stayed down the road of uncertainty, the tighter the reins have become for big business. Businesses that want to continue with the status quo instead of pivot with the paradigm shift. The business of VRBO, itself grew out of a financial shift.

Now VRBO, and businesses like it are having individuals/customer settle issues internally with the favor being on the side of profit. And those at a loss are those with less money to take problems to court. Once again suppressing voices. Businesses are trying to sustain at any costs. Could it be because they grew from a place of lack themselves and not from a true place of sufficiency?

People/consumers are wanting to take their power back, but even when people peacefully try to report injustices, regulatory reporting units of government are passing the buck.

I recently wrote a complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on VRBO. This is what I received back,”the FTC does not resolve individual reports, but your report will be entered in the FTC's Consumer Sentinel database and will be available to federal, state, and local law enforcement across the country.” In other words, it will sit with all the other claims that go unresolved. I remembered a few years ago, I could file a complaint and have a dispute resolved favorably. The customer (specifically those trying to reach the finish line, where the finish line keeps moving) is increasely becoming the underdog. And big businesses are wondering why there is a shortage of personnel. Could it be because they have become impersonal?

The divide in this country is widening. The lack of housing and growing homeless is due in part to the way credit is done and the lack of affordability which in turn keeps some in a mindset of lack and their mental health suffering. We as a country are becoming desensitized to the problems not wanting to see what is happening directly in front of our eyes because it is too painful.

There is a blind spot for everyone. We can only see what affects us.  However, “what is in one is in the whole, and therefore, ultimately, each soul is responsible for the world.” -Gary Zukav. Mental health and safety go hand in hand. The more we ignore them the further we will continue in crisis mode. We are but a mirrored reflection. We need to do better to be better and lead with understand instead of holding back in suppression. That is how we break cycles and how we become US instead of them.


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