Is There Mentorship Within the Church?

Is There Mentorship Within the Church?

Posted on December 22nd, 2020

Everything that requires change should start from within. Self-love, healing, living your truth, etc. But what happens next? What happens when you want to correct the wrongs that have plagued and suppressed communities? We owe our children an environment that they can flourish and love others as they love themselves.

I've learned to forgive myself for my own poor choices because of my youthful bliss and cultural upbringing. These behaviors, choices, and patterns carried over to my children for them to now correct and change. Through loving myself and giving thanks for the strides I've taken, I've gained insight on how to use love and thankfulness to radiate outward to others. In turn, my children can witness a positive, loving, and grateful energy they can model. In my experience, I've found that we cannot force someone to submit to our will; however, we can meet them where they are and show them the love and thanks that we give ourselves.

It takes courage and a lot of will to change, to come out from under the covers of shame. This is where a helping hand can be so vital, where organizations can play an important role, right? Specifically, places like churches. It is my belief, just as people, places and things evolve, the role of the church has also evolved. The Websters dictionary defines church as "a building for public... worship." And if you go on to read it also states the church is, "a body or organization of religious believers." The church is not simply a place or one man, but has become community, accepting of others, and free from judgement or what I had been led to believe. So when I decided to take the journey through its open doors, I hoped for community, a place of religious worship and a place I could belong.

I had a son and daughters that could use the additional guidance of mentorship. A one-on-one guide for young men and women-to-be. Volunteer fathers and mothers that not only showed compassion within their own families and those outside of the church, but give themselves to families within the church. I realized that I was expecting too much. The church is built on belief, a simple make up of its people. In order for me "to see the change" I expected in the church, I had "to be the change."

The dictionary definition of the church is just that... a public place where religious believers worship. If we want more, we must first start from within. If we happen to get more, count it as a blessing.


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