Invest in You

Invest in You

Posted on March 3rd, 2022

The ideas I‘m sharing are not new, like others before me, I grow in wisdom and in order to provide support to women that have found themselves in an cycle of trauma, I share my take and views in a way that may help someone, help someone else.  It is called the cycle of life learning.

As women it is expected that we continually pour out. Pouring all that we have into our children, our significant other, family and friends, and even our employment in our effort to nurture. However, as we have evolved as a people, what has been innately us, has been redefined as our worth, or so some of us have begun to believe. I mean, who can blame us? Everything around us is constantly asking for validation. Having an ID to prove who we are, getting a degree to credit our knowledge, we even have security cameras everywhere because of our distrust of one another.

How can we believe in us, when every thing outside of us is in disbelief. How do we get back to seek what we need internally and getting back to ourselves to rest in our own femininity?

By pouring back into us. Meaning our physical, mental and emotional well-being, this is how we can begin attracting what we seek.

Sometimes our environment keeps us stuck in a cycle of flight or fight, we can’t see that staying in this mode can cause exhaustion, reeking havoc on our mental, physical, and emotions. When we get out of the cycle of outer environment, we can get into the circle of inner wholeness and wellness. This looks like...investing in us.

What does it mean to invest in yourself? The list is long, but I have found in my own journey two important factors make up this investment.  Time and money. Changing the way we think on both is everything.

  • Spending the time with ourselves (Refuel)

Learning - taking knowledge from books and journals are a great way to understand someone else's documented history.

Wellness - health is wealth. Spend time understanding ourselves, mind and body.  What they need to keep going. I.e. our nourishment -food, environmental intake-rest.

  • Challenge your mindset

Change your mindset from mindless to mindful. Understanding cultures and that no one person is the same. Also, give yourself some grace you are changing beliefs, it doesn't happen overnight.

  • Spending the money. (Money is energy)

On yourself - it ok to budget some money for your own activities. Start small. Enjoy a fresh cup of juice or healthy snacks and work your way to a wellness conference or retreat.

Change mindset from one of lack to one of abundance - we all have a slip of the tongue or times where a belief or thought has come to us that caused us to think negatively about something, we are not perfect, we are human.   Begin catching limiting words, thoughts...challenge them. Instead of a lack of time or money...create space for it (put it the budget for you).

How do you begin the challenge for you? Slow and consistently. Attend a support group. Hear others share tools.

Remembering that people can share how they did it, but unless you find the strength to move. You will stay stuck.

Ultimately the journey is yours. You will meet people with lessons.  Take what you need and leave the rest. Not all things were meant for all people, and that’s ok.

Support helps you refuel and not meant to keep you stuck.

It starts with a feeling. Not of the fear of 'not' having enough, but of having all. Feel that 'love' that you pour out and begin to pour

In yourself…

Believe, trust, hope …


Then you can attract.

“You back what you believe,  believe in yourself”.  -THW


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