Discrediting Worth

Discrediting Worth

Posted on December 1, 2022

A perspective of my own...

In November 2001, almost two months after 9/11, I had twin girls prematurely and their fragile bodies not viable to hospital standards passed on.

I remember how I felt afterwards, seeing women who were pregnant at the same time continue to carry to term and that feeling of angst come over me. The shame and regret of not being able to carry to term...the envy I felt of other women. Of course, the feelings were perfectly normal. As long as I allowed them and didn't stay in them. But what if I had continue to allow, shame, envy, and guilt consume me? It was hard in the moment to hear anything positive, I was stricken with grief. How could I allow joy for someone else when I was in the mist of turmoil? Yet, I eventually did and was able to get to the other side of grief. 

I believed through remaining open to receiving support and not closing myself off, was the start that assisted me intaking my own steps forward. We talk so much about appreciation and gratitude. How emotions are our bodies way of giving off the energy of our feelings. And sometimes unknowingly, we transmit our feeling onto others. This comes in many forms and we end up discredit someone's worth and or experience based on either our own limited thoughts and feelings or someone else's standards without examining all aspects. This can lead to a cycle of continued bias and negative feelings towards someone else.

As I continued my own journey and gained greater insight, I began to understand that judging based on a credentialed standard that someone else has judged without understanding for myself can lead to me only getting half a picture and would also have me in my own feelings about myself and the other person.

How did I come to this understanding or even realize this was taking place? I mentioned it earlier. I had to be opened to the possibility. Look and I found. Allow and I received. 

I continue this allowing and remaining open by spending time with the most healed version of myself and make improvements daily. One step and a time. 

What we cast off we receive back. Let us be open to receiving all the goodness that the world has to offer. Cast off appreciation and gratitude, then give ourselves the credit we deserve.   

Tracy Walker, THW Founder


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