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Trauma Help for Women (THW) is an organization of trained specialists offering a family approach to trauma help. We provide tailored support services for individuals exposed to the effects of trauma, such as loss, serious injury or sexual violence. We specialize in working with women recovering from sexual trauma. Through peer support groups, victim advocacy and student mentorship, we assist individuals on their journey to the other side of healing, so that they can discover who they were truly meant to be. To find out more about our services, you can reach us on +18776001849.

Our Mission & Vision

  • We aim to support individuals on their journey to the other side of healing, so that they can discover who they were truly meant to be. 
  • We believe in leading by example, continuing to walk our own journey of truth in order to understand the walk of our clients. By being aware that no one individual is the same, every staff member, volunteer and client will be treated with respect, dignity and kindness during each step of the journey to healing.

Support Team

Over the last few years, public health and mental wellness problems have been exposed and access to support services has been poor. The need for an organization in the community where individuals could support each other and thrive became a top priority. Therefore, Trauma Help for Women began as a resource to fulfill a need. Now, we work with trauma-trained peer volunteers that have been through similar traumas to support and guide other women in peer support groups, advocacy and student mentorship.


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All services
Individual and Group Support Services
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Individual and Group Support Services


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Ways You Can Help


Your support and contributions will enable us to improve. You can:

- donate to a program and/or become a sponsor: click here.

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Board Member

Help to guide the vision, mission, and values of the organization. Board members will work closely with the Founder to direct Trauma Help for Women (THW) to success. Board members are required to hold an advanced degree and submit a background check.

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Organization Support Volunteer

Volunteers are assigned within the Trauma Help for Women organization to develop a project as defined.  

Volunteer facilitators will work to promote the processes that help the group and one-on-one sessions meet their goals while ensuring that the …

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Community Support Volunteer

Volunteers assist Trauma Help for Women with events in the community. No background check is required.

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School Mentor Volunteer

Be a mentor for youth 11–18 so that they can receive much-needed support while they maneuvered through adolescence. College and high school students are encouraged to apply. Background screening is required. Paid for by Trauma Help for Women (THW).

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This independent contractor position is responsible for managing all aspects of payroll, preparation of financial reports. Background screening required. Paid for by Trauma Help for Women (THW). Send cover letter and resume to …

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This organization was founded with the purpose to empower survivors of trauma. I attended the Women's support Group last week and found myself impressed by the commitment, the vision and ...

Nubian Godessa

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B Washington

07 May 2021

07 May


I have the privilege of being a founding board member of THW. Our founder, like myself served in the US military. She is not only a survivor of domestic abuse ...
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